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An ideal destination for those seeking contact with nature, trekking and diving. Unforgettable, especially if you are lucky enough to attend one of its nightly fireworks. After mooring in the harbor it is recommended to go down to the ground and visit the historic village; the main route is the one that goes towards the north coast, called Sciara del Fuoco, from where, if you are lucky, at sunset you can admire the incandescent activity of the volcano whose explosions hurl incandescent boulders and fiery lapilli that set fire to the night and roll loudly into the sea. Indescribable show, unique in the world.

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Stromboli has been erupting for as long as records exist. The Romans called it the 'Lighthouse of the Mediterranean.' Locals refer to the volcano as 'iddu,' a dialect word meaning 'him.
His Majesty The Vulcano


The volcano gives its name to a type of eruption: strombolian. It has been erupting pretty continuously for two thousand years, and tourists flock here to watch from a safe distance as lava and gas are ejected from craters just below the summit at intervals of roughly twenty minutes. In the daytime this is visible as a plume of gas looking like smoke. At night, you can see fiery red fountains shooting upwards.
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Stromboli has been inhabited for thousands of years; some Greek-era archaeological finds from the island are now in the museum on Lipari. Life on the island was based on farming the fertile ground near the shores, and on fishing. By the middle of the twentieth century, prompted by a big eruption in 1930 which damaged buildings, and by the prospects of emigration, many of the islanders had departed and the population had dwindled.

"Iddu" on Fire

Climbing the volcano is only permitted with an offical guide, and there is a limit to the number of people allowed to visit the crater each day. Around the Scari landing jetty and village you'll find advertisements and businesses where you can book a guide and also hire hiking boots and other equipment. Guides will generally provide the protective helmets which you're required to wear.

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