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With its nearly four square kilometers it is the small of the seven can be considered unique for the variety of its jagged configuration and for the sequence of inlets, pristine beaches and rocks of natural beauty.
With a look at the beautiful islets that frame it.
Do not miss the excursion with bath in the Protected Natural Reserve of Cala Junco. Panarea offers many possibilities for diving enthusiasts: Lisca Bianca and Basiluzzo are the most famous waters for the variety of underwater fauna, populated by colorful fish stalls and the symbolic red starfish.

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Panarea Island

In the summer, the island’s 300 permanent residents are joined by Italy and Europe’s elite (think members of the Bulgari, Visconti and Borghese families, Prince Laurent of Belgium and many others) who own houses there. Hollywoodian list of all-star guests which, in recent years, has included Uma Thurman, Antonio Banderas, Melanie Griffith, Beyoncé and Jay Z, Princess Caroline, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. Then there’s the flotilla of mega yachts that come and go, bringing their billionaire owners, such as Roman Abramovic, Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana..ecc..

Tiny but Unique

Despite this influx of the rich and famous, however, those who know the island best eschew its glamorous image, preferring to describe it as a secretive, down-to-earth place, a hideaway where little happens and simple pleasures reign supreme. As Verde Visconti, Prada’s director of public relations and celebrities told W Magazine, “A lot of people come to Panarea for the VIP social scene, but they get here and see that nothing is going on, and chances are they don’t come back again.”


Panarea’s unique atmosphere and enchanting isolation started attracting a few adventurous tourists in the 1950s and with the opening of the unashamedly not-luxury-yet-trendy Hotel Raya in the 1960s, the island became renowned as a place where you could party hard, an alternative to the traditional Capri. Still today at the Raya, one may dance the night away at the hotel’s open-air disco overlooking the sea. As the tranquil evening dusks to dark, fortunate residents gaze out across the water and watch Stromboli spray incandescent magma into the night’s sky.

Unforgettable Beaches

Most of Panarea’s beaches are also fairly easy to walk to, though make sure you take provisions, as lidos are practically non-existent. At the southernmost point of the island is Cala Junco, a pebbly inlet with crystalline waters. Heading north a little, one soon comes to Cala dei Zimmari, the island’s only sandy beach. Meanwhile, in the northeast of Panarea, just below the little hamlet of Ditella, is the Spiaggia della Calcara, a unique beach thanks to its smoking, sulphurous fumaroles, boiling underwater springs and magical views of Stromboli.

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